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Associate Pastor Cover Letter

A spiritual position such as a pastor or an associate pastor requires a passion and conviction for the religion. Just like any other profession, experience in the proper setting and to move to a leadership role is one basic requirement for the post. An associate pastor should obtain their own congregation and must learn the fundamental of leading a congregation. His key responsibility is to fill in for the senior pastor when the latter is away. Applying for such a post requires a good and well written resume and cover letter. The associate pastor cover letter should give an overview of what responsibilities so as to be the best candidate for the position.

An associate pastor is supposed to have separate duties all to themselves. He is likely to be a full-time employee. The duties that he is to carry out are conducting staff meetings and recruiting volunteers for the Sunday school teachers. These duties may vary depending on the church size. He may also be involved in running an entire ministry which usually targets a specific population such as youth, singles and divorced people.

The sample associate pastor cover letter will give you some guidelines on how to write such type of letters.

Davis Turner
4567 Edgware Road
London, UK 5678

March 18, 2011

Mike Anderson
Meadow church
5678 Kensington
London, UK

Dear Mr. Anderson,

Your recent advertisement (mention the source for the job) in (mention the name of the place) for an experienced associate pastor for your church has made me apply for this post. I have the experience and the skills that you require for it.

I have been employed as an associate pastor for the last four years in (mention the name of your previous company). I also have fulfilled my degree in divinity studies at (mention the name of the college). My experience and education makes me a perfect candidate for the post. I have a passion for learning and bringing inspiration and help the community by getting involved with the church. I would be an excellent choice for the position of an associate pastor. I am a team leader and believe to work in a team. I am strong community member and value the teachings of our religion.

I am available for an interview and would love to meet you as soon as possible. You can contact me at (mention your contact details) and schedule an interview that work best for you. Thanks for your time and considering this letter.

- Davis Turner

Enclosure:resume and work experience certificates

Another sample letter for associate pastor cover letter is given below:

Your address:


Recipient's address:

Dear Mr. (last name),

Thank you for the time to consider my letter and resume for the post of an associate pastor. I heard about your opening (mention the name of the church) and I am happy to hear that you are still considering candidates.

I have completed my masters at (mention the name of the institute) in the year (mention the year). I am well aware of the issue involved in such a position especially in a ministry context. I have been involved in the ministry contexts for the past five years and I greatly value the benefits of team leadership.

I would love to meet you and discuss on the ministry context of the church. I look forward to hearing from you.


Your name:

Enclosure: resume and work experience certificate

This is how you can write an effective and a good associate pastor cover letter and create a good impression.

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Pastor Cover Letter

Pastors have multiple roles in a congregation, including preaching, teaching, coordinating staff, and evaluating monthly activity. Examples of Pastor duties include: leading the worship service, officiating weddings and funerals, providing premarital counseling, cooperating with other local churches, recruiting and hiring staff, maintaining membership records, implementing programs for adults and children, defining strategic goals, providing leadership to the pastoral staff, and making sure all activities are aligned to congregation goals and church mission.

Based on our selection of sample cover letters, a successful Pastor should be able to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Theological training and good knowledge of the Bible
  • Leadership
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Public speaking skills and self-confidence
  • Stamina and a good level of energy
  • Tact and diplomacy
  • Empathy and a caring personality
  • Computer literacy
  • Teamwork

Comparable Pastor qualifications are visible in the example cover letter provided below.

For help with your resume, check out our extensive Pastor Resume Samples.

Dear Pastor Richardson:

Upon learning of your desire to welcome a new Pastor into your congregation, I hastened to submit the enclosed document outlining my experience and credentials for your review. As a passionate and dedicated pastor with comprehensive experience leading comprehensive pastoral care responsibilities, I am prepared to significantly contribute to your church’s goals and objectives.

My background includes leading worship service activities to enhance congregant participation. From developing student ministry programs and boosting fundraising efforts to building church websites and organizing volunteer teams, I excel at leveraging my passion and enthusiasm for religious leadership and participation to improve congregant and community experiences.

Highlights of my experience include the following:

  • Holding worship services, presiding over and performing religious ceremonies, preparing sermons, and encouraging personal study and spiritual growth for congregants of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Significantly expanding student ministries and increasing church budgets while raising additional funds to improve overall church and ministry health.
  • Building, motivating, and leading volunteer and student ministry teams while innovating new programs and services and forging and sustaining strong community relationships.
  • Demonstrating a commitment to advancing personal education in the field of ministry work; achieving a Master of Divinity and currently pursuing a Doctorate of Ministry.

My skills and background in pastoral leadership, combined with my commitment to ministry team development and mission work, would enable me to make a substantial impact on your church. The chance to offer more insight into my qualifications would be most welcome.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Evan R. Otero

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