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No Continue Without Enhanced Seat Assignment Program

JetBlue is pleased to offer travel agents and their customers the ability to assign a specific seat using the Interactive Seat Map and Pre Reserved Seat functionality offered by the GDS. Contact your GDS help desk if you need information on how to use this functionality.

JetBlue allows seat assignments on all flights through the end of our schedule.

Even More® Space seats

At this time Even More® Space seats can only be booked and paid for directly with JetBlue by visiting www.jetblue.com/seats or by calling Reservations at 1-800-JETBLUE. This transaction is separate from the travel agency issued ticket and the funds for this transaction will not be settled through ARC or BSP processes.

In the event of any changes to the customer's flight plans, changes to Even More® Space seats must be completed directly with JetBlue. Customers may also upgrade to an Even More® Space seat at the time of check-in either online, at a kiosk or with a JetBlue Customer Service agent at the airport.

Length of seatbelts

Our seatbelts are 45 inches in length and customers can request 25 inch extensions onboard the aircraft.

In these days of unrepentant greed commitment to shareholder value, it is regular policy for airlines to sell more tickets than they have seats on the plane. This is because they know that statistically some number of people will not show up for a flight.

Usually this works out fine, because the expected number of people do not show and they can accomodate everyone who has a ticket.However, rarely, not enough people fail to show, and then they have more people than seats. If you do not have a seat assigned you, then you are one of the people who is at risk of being 'bumped' in this case.

If there are seats in any class then usually they will upgrade someone to make space in economy. It may be you who is upgraded or it may not. You won't be forced to pay extra. However if this isn't possible, then you will be offered some (usually substantial) compensation and a seat on the next flight. Be aware that if regular economy is full (which it is in your case) then premium economy will probably fill up quickly too.

It is likely that this will not be a problem. But if you want to be sure, your only real option is to buy (now!) a ticket in a class where you will get a seat allocation, i.e. Premium, at the appropriate price.

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